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24th SCPS International Salon 2017 Online CatalogueList of All AcceptancesPIDC BEPXUANTAYBAC6PIDM BO CHOI 8PIDM PHOI DUA TREPIDM VAC CHAUPTD CHAN VIT 2PTD TRANH TAITHANG HUYNH TAN PIDC CHAN CUU 5PIDC GIOHOCKINHKORANPIDM BEN CHOE RUOU CANPIDM GIO HOC VI TINHPTD PHOI BONG BONG CAVI THUONG CHI PIDC HOANG HONPIDC TRUNGTHUVUNGCAOPIDM TAT NUOCPIDM VUOT SONGPTD MUA HOA SUNGPTD MUA LUAVuong Quoc Kim PIDC NovicesPIDM Games bravePIDM PrayingPIDM Pressing forwardPIDM Soccer stiltsEileen MurrayEric Pearce Janet DownesJenny HibbertJohn Whitby Joseph Vizejudy Smith Kylie-Ann MartinLee Sutton Martin ParrattNorma McDowall Paul KeenePeter WalmsleyPeter-M- WELFORD Tracey LundPTD Rice terraces mistPIDC Dance of Freedom [SCPS Gold] PIDC Farewell my Gemini 2PIDC IntriguePIDC Summertime BluesGu Xiao Hung Phan Jennifer Chi Hung WenJingru Luo Larry CowlesSA KIM TRAN TAM THI PHANTracy Shuxi FengND Long Tailed Duck Landing PTD Balloons Over Cappadocia PTD Cruise through Ice WorldPIDC THE LAST LIGHT ON RICE FIELD PIDC UMBRELLA DANCEND Dad Is HomeND Sand Hill Cranes Taking Off [PSA HM] PIDC Color Boats in Coral ReefsPIDC Morning Cranes at Misty CreekPIDM Camels at Sunrise [GPU HM] PIDM River Migration [PSA HM]PTD On Top Of The WavesPTD Shepherds In Huyang ForestND Fun TimeND Northern Pintail at BosqueND Rufous Fly in to Eat [PSA HM]PIDC Amanda D Hair PIDC Imalah Red HairPIDM Elegant in Black Brittany W PIDM Heather White Fashion PIDM Wes Tall Cowboy HatPTD Bodie Mill Milky WayPIDM DendelionSeeds Under The Wind. [FIAP Bronze]ND MAGIC COLOR IN LOWER ANTELOPE PIDC SUNSET IN PALOUSE RICE FIELDND Intimacy [GPU HM]ND It Is My PlaceND Two Baby Egrets Talking [FIAP HM]PIDC 3 Wave Fighters [FIAP HM]PIDC Horse Racing At The Frontier [SCPS Gold] PIDC Light MiragePIDC White Fairy On The DesertPIDM Fighting Mad Cow bwPIDM Surfers In The Wave Mist [PSA HM] PIDM Wave Warriors [SCPS HM]PTD Making Clay Pot 1601PTD Making Net 1601PTD Soothing Heaven [SCPS HM] PTD With You For EverND Hello [SCPS HM]ND Kissing birdsPIDC Making fishing nets togather PIDC Time fliesPIDM LovingPTD Family workPTD Fisherman work day 2PIDM Au Repos [FIAP HM] PIDM Sweet SorrowPIDM The FighterND The Precipice PIDM The PrayerPTD Llanddwyn Island PIDC Baby Minder PIDC Night Sortie PIDC Safe ReturnPIDM Street ChildND After the fishND Hawk Owl hunting over snow ND StonechatPIDC Cougar leaping PIDC Hard times PIDC Scared & coldPTD On the move PIDC Back West PIDM Wild WestPTD Camel Dancer PIDC Mischkah in black PIDC Pretty in bkue PIDC The thinkerPIDM Bad hair day PIDM Distant eyesPIDC Yellowstone Sunrise PIDC The New BossPIDM The Ballet DancerND Nuthatch in Cherry BlossomPIDC SwervedPIDC Embleton Beach [PSA Bronze] PIDC The Shard Laser ShowPIDC First Light on Mt BlancND Black-winged Stilts mating 0246[SCPS HM][SCPS Gold]ND Mute Swan take-off 3279 [SCPS HM] PIDM The UndertakersPIDM You scratch my back [GPU Gold]PTD Carcassonne on Bastille Day 1305 PTD Surfers Paradise 2770PTD Val dOrcia - Cappella di VitaletaPIDC Let Us Spray PIDC The SplitsPIDM Motocross PIDM SpiralYan TsangLE DAOLIEM DO HIEU NHAN LE HOANGPTD Pancake house PTD Sunset fishing 2[SCPS Gold]PTD Dubai PIDM CrofterVIETNAMTracy SmithUNITED STATES OF AMERICAAlbert Figuccio ND Crab Leg Lunch[PSA HM] ND On the runPIDC BANH BEO RA LO 2 PIDM BAN THAN 1PIDM BAN XUA 3PIDM LOOK ART 20PTD THAM LUOI 3 PIDM Wakening the seaPIDC AM VANG NUI RUNG - 148 -[FIAP HM]PIDM Running Wild ND Motherly love

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