432 120 call for entries


Awards for Each Section (There are 4 Sections):
1 PSA Gold Medal
1 FIAP Gold Medal
1 GPU Gold Medal
10 SCPS Gold Medals
1 PSA Silver Medal
1 FIAP Silver Medal
1 PSA Bronze Medal 
1 FIAP Bronze Medal 
1 Section Best Author Medal 
9 Ribbons PSA HM Award 
6 Ribbons FIAP HM Award
2 Ribbons GPU HM Award
9 Ribbons SCPS HM Award
Awards for the Salon:
1 FIAP Blue Pin for Salon Overall Best Author Award
1 President Trophy for Local Best Author Award
1 Kwek Leng Joo Memorial Medal for Overseas Best Author Award


Steps for Participation:
1. Abide by the Salon rules
2. Sections to participate
3. Image quality
4. Registration
5. Log-in
6. Upload images
7. Choose correct fee types
8. Payment with PayPal
9. When steps 6, 7 & 8 are completed, email summary will be sent.  
[Help: Steps for Salon Participation]


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