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5.      Membership Entrance Fee with Subscription

A one-time entrance fee S$20 is payable when first join as member. The annual subscription will be S$30.00 payable at the membership application, making a total joining fee of S$50. The expiry date of membership is one year after the application. Special concessions will be given to students who are 18 years of age or under, at annual subscription fee of $15.00.

To apply, please click the Online Form (1. New Ordinary Membership) link below.

Annual Renewal of Membership Subscription

It is necessary to renew membership subscription when the membership expires. Members should check their membership expiry dates to make the annual membership renewal (click to check). Notice may be served if subscription remains unpaid for six months. Member should renew membership within a 6-month or 180-day grace period after expiry. Should a member's subscription remains outstanding after 180-day, the membership will cease to be active and be considered expired. Expired member can reinstate his/her membership for payment of S$50; his/her membership data and record will be retained. 

To renew, please click the Online Form (3. Renew Annual Membership Subscription) link below.

6.       Life Member

Member who has completed five (5) years membership may apply as a Life Member. A single one-time fee of $400.00 is required and exempt from all subsequent annual subscription. 

To apply, please click the Online Form (2. Life Membership) link below.


On-Line Application Forms - Apply Now !       (click links below):

1. New Ordinary Membership - Online Form

2. Life Membership - Online Form

3. Renew Annual Membership Subscription - Online Payment

4. Update Member Data - Online Form


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