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The Singapore Colour Photographic Society (SCPS) welcomes photographers who are interested in photography to join the Society as members.

The terms and conditions for a member are as follows:

Any person who is interested in photography and agree to the rules and regulations of this Society may apply as a member.

Any person who intends to apply for membership must complete the application form and payment of fee to be a member. Entrance fee and a 1-year subscription are required when joining as a member.

The Society shall have the right to delay/reject membership after the initial application check for reason that the Society thinks it is best not to enrol that membership. Also upon recommendation of the Committee, the Society has the right of refusal for any application without giving reason.

No member who is under 18 years of age is eligible to vote or to be elected as a Committee Member.

Only member who joined the Society for a year or more is entitled to vote and to be elected as Committee Member.


Already a SCPS member? But forget if membership expired? Or what to find out your membership status here to check