Singapore Colour Photographic Society (SCPS)

Club Members Photo Competition



Rules for SCPS Club Members Photo Competition:

1. SCPS is the Organiser and the Competition is open to SCPS members.

2. The participation is free.

3. Submission of images (entry) is via online SCPS webpage.

4. Maximum 4 images can be submitted per Section. The Competition may have a number of Sections open for Competition.

5. Image file format in jpg; size < 2MB; maximum width < 1920 pixels and maximum height < 1080 pixels.

6. Image title < 30 characters. Image must be rotated as intend for viewing. 

7. The Organiser may reject an entry in its reasonable discretion, believes the entry does not conform to rules of the competition.

8. When submitting an entry the entrant certifies the work as his/her own and permits the Organiser to reproduce for publication and/or display in media/website for photographic purpose. The Organiser assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright. All parts of the image have to be photographed by the entrant who is holding the copyright of all works submitted.

9. Entries already awarded prizes in previous Club Members Photo Competition will not be accepted. 

10. Decision of Judges is final that no claim or reply will be entertained. Competition